Germantrip 2018

In the year 2018 the Rotaract GermanTrip was held from Sunday, April 8th until Friday, April 20th 2018. The total number of participants was ten international Rotaractors from ten different countries plus four German organizers travelling with the group.
The participants where from Mexico, India, Sri Lanka, Canada, the United States, Tunisia, Australia, Brazil, South Africa and Serbia.

We started our roundtrip in Frankfurt/Main and went on to the south of Germany exploring Ludwigsburg and Constance, visiting the famous Castle Neuschwanstein. heading on to the bavarian capital Munich and on to Nuremberg. In Leipzig we got to know a former Eastern German City, followed by the capital Berlin and the coastal area  with Hamburg and Bremerhaven. In Essen we got to know the mining area of Germany and ended our trip in Cologne, where some of our participants also took part in the national conference of Rotaract Germany.
 In total the roundtrip visited 12 cities and many other sightseeing locations. Part of the GermanTrip18 HOC and main organizers were Theresa Stangl, Annika Neubauer, Timo Beilmann, Laura Rupenow, Ana Mihaleva, Pascal Fehst, Sebastian Stierlein, Julia Weiglein, Katja Kaufmann, Gabi Wolfarth and Berna Sepetoglu.