• Where can I find information regarding visa for Germany?

​The German Federal Foreign Office gives a good overview who needs what kind of visa to enter Germany:


  • Which Airport suits best?

    We advise you to fly to “Frankfurt am Main” (FRA) where we will pick you up. If you decide to fly to any other airport in Germany please contact us prior to booking to find out the best way for you to come to our starting point of the trip. If you participate at the EuCo we will organize the transportation to Frankfurt am Main.
    If you leave from any other airport after the trip please make sure to have enough time to get there as the trip ends in Frankfurt. We recommend to leave from Cologne (CGN), Düsseldorf (DUS) or Frankfurt (FRA). If you are not sure about it please don’t hesitate to contact us for support.

  • How much does it cost?

​Please see “Details” for costs. 

  • Can I stay longer or arrive earlier?

​Yes, you can expand your trip as long as you want. Nevertheless you have to bear in mind that you have to plan this on your own. We are happy to assist you as good as we can with suggestions and contacts in Germany. Please also check if your visa allows this.

  • Do I need to speak / understand any German?

​No, you do not need to speak or understand German. Our tour will start with a short introduction to the German language and culture. You will always accompanied by Germans who speak English and German to translate in case you need this. The majority of Germans can also speak or at least understand English. 

  • How can I apply?

​Once the application is open you will find the link above on the top of the page.

  • What happens after I sent my application?

​After we received your application and CV, the application-committee – consisting of the RoGer-team – chooses the number of applicants who receive an offer to participate in the tour. If these applicants do not want to participate anymore, the next person on the waiting-list will receive an offer. 

  • What happens if the tour is cancelled?

Please see “Terms & Conditions” for details. 

  • Can I cancel the tour due to important reasons? What about a refund?

​Please see “Terms & Conditions” for details.

  • What kind of insurance do I need?

The final selection of insurances depends on the country you are living in. Please contact your local insurance company for details. We recommend to check if your health insurance covers Germany as a holiday destination. Additionally an accident insurance and travel insurance would be a plus. Please also check your credit card – some already include insurances.

  • ​How do I pay in Germany?

​In Germany the currency is Euro (EUR). You can pay everywhere in cash. Major credit cards like American Express, VISA and MasterCard are also popular. ATMs are spread all over the country. 

  • I need an invitation letter, what do I have to do?

​We are happy to provide an invitation letter upon request. Please contact us via email.